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NOTE: See record in the Darwin Online manuscript catalogue, enter its Identifier here. Reproduced with permission of the Syndics of Cambridge University Library and William Huxley Darwin. The volume CUL-DAR91 contains early notes on guns & shooting. Darwin's draft of recollections of Henslow, 1861. Notes on the moral sense. Wallace pension. 'a sketch of the principal events in my life' & list of Darwin's works. Loose notes found with CUL-DAR119 'Books to be read'. List on one leaf, 96 x 160mm. See the longer notebook into which these references seem to have been copied in CUL-DAR120.-


Books read

Thompson, Guatemala [Thompson 1829]

Baron Sack, Voyage to Surinam [Sack 1810]

Bollingbroke, Travel in Demeraria [Bollingbroke 1807]

Helms, account of Potosi [Helms 1798]

Journal of nature & Geographical Science [Edinburgh journal of natural and geographical science]

Capt. Hunter Voyage to Port Jackson [Hunter 1793]

Description of St. Helena [probably [Duncan] 1805]

Brooks History of St Helena [Brooke 1808]

Beatson's St Helena [Beatson 1806]

Holman travels [Holman 1834-5]

Luccock's notes on Rio Janeiro [Luccock 1820]

Beatson, A. 1806. Tracts relative to the Island of St. Helena; written during a residence of five years. London.
Bollingbroke, Henry. 1807. A voyage to the Demerary, containing a statistical account of the settlements there, and of those on the Essequebo, the Berbice, and other contiguous rivers of Guyana. London: Richard Phillips.
Brooke, Thomas Henry. 1808. A history of the island of St. Helena from its discovery by the Portuguese to 1806. London. [Edition unknown]
[Duncan, Francis]. 1805. A description of the Island of St. Helena: containing observations on its singular structure and formation, and an account of its climate, natural history, and inhabitants. London.
Edinburgh journal of natural and geographical science (vol. 2, 1830?).
Helms, A. Z. 1798. Tagebuch einer Reise durch Peru von Buenos-Ayres an dem grossen Plataflusse uber Potosi nach Lima, der Hauptstadt des Konigreichs Peru. Dresden.
Holman, James. 1834-5. A voyage round the world, including travels in Africa, Asia, Australasia, America. 4 vols. London: Smith, Elder and Co.
Hunter, John. 1793. An historical journal of the transaction at Port Jackson and Norfolk island, with the discoveries which have been made in New South Wales. London.
Luccock, John. 1820. Notes on Rio de Janeiro, and the southern parts of Brazil : taken during a residence of ten years in that country, from 1808 to 1818. London: S. Leigh.
Sack, Albert von. 1810. A Narrative of a voyage to Surinam: of a residence there during 1805, 1806 and 1807, and of the author's return to Europe by the way of North America. London.
Thompson, George Alexander. 1829. Narrative of an official visit to Guatemala from Mexico. London.


Oxley. Travels read [?Oxley 1848]

Schildmeyer Travels in Chili [Schmidtmeyer 1810]

Ovington, Tr. to Surat [Ovington 1696]

Freycinet's Voyage of Arago [Arago 1823]

Mr Graham's Travels Chili [Graham 1824]

Heber India [Heber 1828]

Macleay Hora Entomo [Macleay 1819-21]

Aguernos History of Chiloe [Agueros 1809]

Hernandez Hist. New Spain [Hernandez 1651]

Kirby Bridgewater Treatise [Kirby 1835]

Colley on Care of Cattle [Culley 1786]

Cline on Breeding of Animals [Cline 1829]

Macculloch Class of Books [MacCulloch 1824]

Phillip Lardner's Encyclop [Phillips 1837-9]

Views of the Architecture of the Heavens [Nichols 1840]

{De la Beche. Theoretical geology [De La Beche 1834]

[pencil insertion:] Hancock Travels in Guiana

Hancock Guiana [Hancock 1840]

Lang Polynesian Nation [Lang 1834]

Agueros, Pedro Gonzalez de. 1809. [An account of the archipelago of Chiloe] in: Molina, Giovanni Ignacio. The geographical, natural, and civil history of Chili. Translated from the original Italian: To which are added notes from the Spanish and French versions, and two appendixes, by the English editor; the first an account of the archipelago of Chiloe, from the Descripcion historial of P.F. Pedro Gonzalez de Agueros; the second, an account of the native tribes who inhabit the southern extremity of South America, extracted chiefly from Faulkner's Description of Patagonia. London.
Arago, Jaques Etienne Victor. 1823. Narrative of a voyage round the world, in the Uranie and Physicienne corvettes, commanded by Captain Freycinet, during the years 1817, 1818, 1819, and 1820: on a scientific expedition undertaken by order of the French government. In a series of letters to a friend, by J. Arago. To which is prefixed, the report made to the Academy of sciences, on the general results of the expedition. London.
Cline, Henry. 1829. Observations on the breeding and form of domestic animals. London.
Culley, George. 1786. Observations on live stock, containing hints for choosing and improving the best breeds of the most useful kinds of domestic animals. London.
De La Beche Henry Thomas. 1834. Researches in theoretical geology. London: Charles Knight.
Hancock, John. 1840. Observations on the climate, soil and productions of British Guiana, and on the advantages of emigration to, and colonizing the interior of, that country: together with incidental remarks on the diseases, their treatment and prevention: founded on a long experience within the tropics. London. [Edition unknown]
Heber, Reginald. 1828. Narrative of a journey through the upper provinces of India from Calcutta to Bombay 1824-25. [Edited by Emilia Heber.] 2 vols. London. [Edition unknown]
Hernandez, Francisco. 1651. Historiae Animalium et mineralium Novae HispaniƦ liber unicus in sex tractatus divisus. Appendix in Nova plantarum, animalium et mineralium Mexicanorum historia. Romae. [Edition unknown]
Kirby, William. 1835. On the power wisdom and goodness of God as manifested in the creation of animals and in their history habits and instincts. (Bridgewater Treatise no. 7.) London. [Edition unknown]
Lang, H. D. 1834. View of the origin and migrations of the Polynesian Nation; demonstrating their ancient discovery and progressive settlement of the continent of America. London.
MacCulloch, John Ramsay. 1825. The principles of political economy. Edinburgh. [Edition unknown]
Macleay, William Sharp. 1819-21. Hora entomologica; or, essays on the annulose animals. Vol. 1, parts 1 and 2 (no more published). London. [Abstract in CUL-DAR71.128-138]
Nichols, J.P. 1840. Views of the architecture of the heavens: in a series of letters to a lady.
Ovington, John. 1696. A voyage to Suratt, in the year 1689: giving a large account of that city and its inhabitants, and of the English factory there. Likewise a description of Madeira, St. Jago. London. [Darwin Library in CUL]
Oxley, Thomas. 1848. Some account of the nutmeg and its cultivation. Journal of the Indian Archipelago and Eastern Asia, 2: 641-659.
Phillips, John. 1837-9. A treatise on geology. 2 vols. (Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopaedia.) London. [Darwin Library in CUL]
Schmidtmeyer, Peter. 1810. Travels into Chile, over the Andes, in the years 1820 and 1821: with some sketches of the productions and agriculture; mines and metallurgy; inhabitants, history, and other features, of America; particularly of Chile, and Arauco. London.

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