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Books read

Thompson, Guatemala

Baron Sack, Voyage to Surinam

Bollingbroke, Travel in Demeraria

Helms, account of Potosi1

Journal of nature & Geographical Science

Capt. Hunter Voyage to Port Jackson

Description of St. Helena

Brooks History of St Helena

Beatson's St Helena

Hilman travels

Luccock's notes on Rio Janeiro2

1 Helms, A. Z. 1798. Tagebuch einer Reise durch Peru von Buenos-Ayres an dem grossen Plataflusse uber Potosi nach Lima, der Hauptstadt des Konigreichs Peru. Dresden.

2 Luccock, John. 1820. Notes on Rio de Janeiro, and the southern parts of Brazil : taken during a residence of ten years in that country, from 1808 to 1818. London: S. Leigh.

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Oxley. Travels read

Schildmeyer Travels in Chili

Ovington, Tr. to Surat

Freycinet's Voyage of Arago

Mr Graham's Travels Chili

Heber India

Macleay Hora Entomo

Aguernos History of Chiloe

Hernandez Hist. New Spain

Kirby Bridgewater Treatise

Colley on Cape of [Callle]

Clive on Breeding of Animals

Macculloch Class of Books

Phillip [2 words illeg]

Views of the Architecture of the Heavens

De la Beche. Theoretical geology

Hancock Travels in Guiana
Hancock Guiana

Lang Polynesian Nation1

1 Lang, H. D. 1834. View of the origin and migrations of the Polynesian Nation; demonstrating their ancient discovery and progressive settlement of the continent of America. London.

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