RECORD: Darwin, C. R. 4.9.1853. Send for Archives du Mus d'Hist Naturelle vols 5 and 6 [and other works]. CUL-DAR91.77-78

REVISION HISTORY: Transcribed from the manuscript by Kees Rookmaaker 1.2010, corrections by John van Wyhe 3.2010. RN1

NOTE: Two separate sheets DAR91.77 is 60 x 135 mm, with text on recto only. DAR91.78 is 130 x 200 mm, text on recto only.

Editorial symbols used in the transcription:
[some text] 'some text' is an editorial insertion
[some text] 'some text' is the conjectured reading of an ambiguous word or passage
[some text] 'some text' is a description of a word or passage that cannot be transcribed
< > word(s) destroyed
<some text> 'some text' is a description of a destroyed word or passage
Text in small red font is a hyperlink or notes added by the editors.

Reproduced with permission of the Syndics of Cambridge University Library and William Huxley Darwin.

77 recto

Send for
Archives du Museum d'Hist. Naturelle vols. V. & VI. ??

Nouveaux Memoires de la Soc. Imperiale d'Hist. Nat. St. Petersburgh

Rhyne Jones Nat. Hist

78 recto

Sept. 4. 1853 when next Lond.

[encircled] Royal Soc.y

"archives du museum d'Hist. Nat.: Tomes V. et seq. (but I presume not many published)

St. Petersburg Transactions

Societe d'Histoire Naturelle: Memoires vol. I to IV. Paris 1823-28

Memoire d'Academie "par divers savants."

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