RECORD: Darwin, C. R. [nd] Memoranda about Books [many references]. CUL-DAR91.79-80

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Reproduced with permission of the Syndics of Cambridge University Library and William Huxley Darwin.

79 recto

Memoranda about Books

A. Grey gives list of imported Plants
Hooker says excellent Book.
Perhaps gives alpine Plants.

Darlington Flora Cestrica for do. Hooker can lend

E. Forbes in Bot. Soc. of Edinburgh. 1841. March (?) in Viola. Undulating Forms.

Etudes sur la Geogr. Bot. Lecoq in Mus. Pract. Geolog. Hooker says thinks poor

Dict. Universel d'Hist. Nat. good article on Propagation — Hybrid. terms from Banks. In Mus. Pract. Geolog.

Thurman Essai. Phytostatique: on duration & origin of species of Plants in Jura, in Linn. Lib. —

Sal. Müller most important work on Malayan Arch. (I think for Roy. Book that in Wiegman. Archif Naturgesch. 1846. I. p. 109. There is paper on Gerpoh. District. —

80 recto

Die Saugethiere, Vogel & Amphibien nach ihren Geograph. Verbreitung. Tabellarisch zusammengestellt. Dr. H. Pompper. Leipzig 1841. — (new by Berghaus for Birds)

Die Wirbelthiere Europas. von Keyserling & Prof. Blasius. Brunswick 1840
I fancy only a Catalogue

Schinz seems to have written on inhabitants animals of high valley of Ursern in Alps (Johnston Atlas)

Nott & Gliddon Types of Mankind (read)

Carpenter has written in Principles of Anatomy & Physiology, article on Variation & races of mankind. [illeg] has, wd. lend me while in London ? sure to be mere compilation. —

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