RECORD: Darwin, C. R. 1856. Books to be certainly read [many references] CUL-DAR91.881-88b

REVISION HISTORY: Transcribed from the manuscript by Kees Rookmaaker, corrections by John van Wyhe 3.2010. RN1

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Reproduced with permission of the Syndics of Cambridge University Library and William Huxley Darwin.

[88a 1]

May 2d 1856: Books to be certainly read.

Barrande Syst. Silurien de Bohemie
Zoologist vol 1 - 10 inclusive X
Agricultural Journal of England vol 9 - to now
Geograph. Distrib. of Plants & Animals C. Pickering: Chapman (Read)
Memoires de l'Acad. de Nancy
Highland Agricultural Reports
Forbes & Hanley Mollusca Linn. Soc. Lin. Soc.
Gardeners Magazine of Botany
Journal Loudon of Botany 1 & 2d issues except see Catalogue
Journal de la Soc. Imp. de [Berl] except -
Revue Horticole Imp.
Anatomy of Ornithorhynchus & Ostrich
Jackenot & Himbron Consid. Gen. (Read)
Consid. Gen.Voyage R. Soc.
Sykes Cat. on Dogs of India R.Soc.
Guerin Revue Zoologique
Pictet Paleontologie New Edit. (Read)
Annales des Sc. Nat. 3d series Tom VII et seq. Read to Vol. X Zool & Bot

[88a 2]

Sillimans Journal 2d. series
Edinburgh New Phil. since I left off taking this
Agassiz Fishes
Griffith Indian Journal (Read)
Mortons Crania Americana Preface; Royal
Journal Hort. Soc. London vol 8 10 et seq.
Gleanings in Nat. Hist. Ld Derby R. Soc. (Read)
Sweet on Geraniaceae
Proceedings Nat. Hist. of Mauritius
Jardine Nat. Lib. vol 26 on Domestic & Foreign Bees
Audubons Ornith. Biography. Read.
Yarrells Birds last Edit. Read
Brehm Handbuch (Gould) Read
Comtes Rendus
Dr H. Stover Synopsis of Fishes of S. America Read


order Bochart de animalibus

Linnaeus Fauna Suecica 1761
Royal Soc
p. 445 [Calilega]

For Pigeons in Royal Soc

Browne Nat History of Jamaica p 46 on Domestic Pigeon

Meckel 1 & 3 Tr. sur anat comp.

Blumenbach Naturgeschichte
Manual Nat. Hist. [illeg] vol I
French Manuel d'Hist. Nat.

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