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Reproduced with permission from the collection of Angus Carroll.


10. Stratton Street [London]

June 30. 1831


In reply to the letter which
I had the honor of receiving from
you today — respecting Mr. Alex.r
Derbishire2 — I have much
pleasure in informing you that
I have made application for
him, — and that (as a matter

Nathaniel Ogle Esq:r

&c &c &c

1 Possibly Nathaniel Ogle, FGS, author of The Colony of Western Australia (1839).

2 Alexander Derbishire (d. 1841) was mate on the Beagle from 1831 until April 1832.

Darwin recorded in his Beagle diary for 24 April 1832 "Mr Derbyshire by his own request was discharged the service. — In his place Mr Johnstone will be moved into the Beagle from the Warspite." In a 25-6 April [1832] letter to his sister Caroline Darwin wrote: "Derbyshire is also discharged the service, from his own desire not choosing his conduct which has been bad about money matters to be investigated." Correspondence vol. 1, p. 225. However on 20 May 1832 Darwin recorded in his Beagle diary: "Mr Derbyshire, who after leaving the Beagle has remained in the city '[Rio de Janeiro], paid us a visit." Derbyshire was promoted to Lieutenant in 1840. His death was announced in the Nautical Magazine in 1841 (p. 719): "Deaths. Off Cuba, July 11th Lieut. Alexander Derbishire, (1839), lieutenant of the Victor, lent to the Comus."


of course) he will be appointed
to the Beagle.

I have the honor to be,


Your most obedient Servant

Robt. FitzRoy

Mates and Midshipmen are
nominated by the Captain, — with
the sanction of the Admiralty.

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