RECORD: Darwin, C. R. 1864. Ancient gardening. Gardeners' Chronicle and Agricultural Gazette no. 41 (8 October): 965.

REVISION HISTORY: Scanned, OCRed, corrected and edited by John van Wyhe 2003-8. RN2

[page] 965

Ancient Gardening.—I should be very much obliged if any one who possesses a treatise on gardening or even an Almanac one or two centuries old would have the kindness to look what date is given as the proper period for sowing Scarlet Runners or dwarf French Beans. I am anxious to ascertain, as far as is possible, whether these plants can now be sown at all earlier than was formerly the case. The title, date, and place of publication of any old treatise should be given. Charles Darwin, Down, Bromley, Kent.1

1 Darwin received several replies, see Correspondence vol. 12, pp. 361-2. In Variation 2: 314, Darwin remarked 'I have not been able, by searching old horticultural works, to answer this question satisfactorily.'

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