RECORD: Darwin, C. R. 1871. The descent of man. Hardwicke's Science-Gossip: An Illustrated Medium of Interchange and Gossip for Students and Lovers of Nature 7 (77): 112.

REVISION HISTORY: Scanned, text prepared and edited by John van Wyhe 9.2006. RN1

NOTE: See record in the Freeman Bibliographical Database, enter its Identifier here. Although R. B. Freeman assigned this item a number in his bibliography, it breaks his rule, because this publication is only a quotation from one of Darwin's works, viz. from Descent 1: 206.

[page] 112

THE DESCENT OF MAN.—The early progenitors of man were no doubt once covered with hair, both sexes having beards; their ears were pointed and capable of movement; and their bodies were provided with a tail having the proper muscles. Their limbs and bodies were also acted on by many muscles which now only occasionally reappear, but are normally present in the Quadrumana.— Darwin.

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