RECORD: Darwin, C. R. 1861. Parents of some gladioli. Journal of Horticulture and Cottage Gardener (10 September): 453.

REVISION HISTORY: Scanned, OCRed, corrected and edited by John van Wyhe 2003-8. RN2

[page] 453


REALLY obliged should I be if you could tell me the names of the parents of Gladiolus gandavensis. Also, whether the six following varieties—Eldorado, Canasi, Ophir, LinnĂ©, Brenchleyensis, and Vulcain, are the progeny of G. gandavensis by itself, or of G. gandavensis crossed by some other species? If the history of these six varieties be not known, their appearance may, perhaps, to instructed eyes tell their probable origin.—CHARLES DARWIN.1

1 The response following Darwin's note, signed 'D.B' has not been transcribed here but is available in the image view. See Correspondence vol. 9, p. 257.

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