RECORD: Darwin, C. R. 1881. Mr. Darwin on mosquitoes. The Times (5 September): 10.

REVISION HISTORY: Transcribed and edited by John van Wyhe 6.2007. RN1

NOTE: Corresponds to Calendar 13311.

[page] 10

MR. DARWIN ON MOSQUITOES.—A scientific gentleman of South Kensington,1 observing the numerous reports of the appearance of mosquitoes in England during the summer, wrote last week to Mr. Darwin, asking him whether he thought these insects were all imported and whether the professor thought that an exceptionally hot month might not have developed the English gnat into the mosquito. The following is Professor Darwin's reply:—"Down, Beckenham, Kent, Sept. 1.—Dear Sir,—I am sorry I cannot answer your question. The Tiputidæ, or gnat family, is a very difficult one and not well known. No trustworthy evidence has been advanced of the introduction or appearance in this country of a new species; but it seems to me probable that some English species have lately increased in number.—Dear Sir, yours faithfully,—C. DARWIN."

1 Astley Paston Price (1826-1886), consulting chemist in London. Price wrote to Darwin 30 August [1881], see Calendar 13306.

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