RECORD: Darwin, C. R. 1841. [Notes on South American spiders.] In A. White, Descriptions of new or little known Arachnida. Annals and Magazine of Natural History 7 (July): 474, 476.

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[page] 474

[Linyphia (Leucauge) argyrobapta] "Web very regular, nearly horizontal, with concentric circles; beneath, but sometimes above, the concentric web, there is, irregular or thin tissue of network; the animal rests in the centre, on the inferior surface: abdomen brilliant; the red colour like a ruby with a bright light behind." The subgeneric name is one proposed for it in Mr. Darwin's MSS.

[page] 476

[Eripus heterogaster] "Evidently, by its structure and habits on the leaf of a tree, species is a Laterigrade; it differs, however, most singularly from that tribe, and is, I think, a new genus.

Anterior eyes red; maxillæ rounded, inclined; mentum thinly arrow-shaped; chelicera powerful, with large aperture for poison; abdomen encrusted with five conical peaks; thorax with one small one; crotchets to tarsi very strong.

Colour snow-white, except tarsi and half of leg bright yellow; the tops of the abdominal points and line of eyes black: it must, I think, be new. Taken in the thick forests near Rio de Janeiro, May 1832."

1 See the full original publication White 1841.

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