RECORD: Darwin, C. R. 1882. [Fragment of an 1881 letter to Balfour.] Memorial to the late Professor Balfour. Cambridge Independent Press (4 November), p. 5.

REVISION HISTORY: Transcribed by John van Wyhe 12.2019. RN1

NOTE: This purports to be a quotation from a letter (6 July 1881) to Francis Maitland Balfour. The wording differs from that in the original letter, now in the Natural History Museum (General Special Collections DC AL 1/21): "from you who I well know will some day be the chief of the English Biologists".

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Memorial to the late Professor Balfour


It was a letter from Charles Darwin thanking Balfour for the present to him of the second volume of "Comparitive Embryology," and Darwin, with his accustomed humility, said how unworthy he was to receive so great a work, and, he added, "from one whom I feel sure will one day be the first of English biologists."

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