RECORD: Darwin, C. R. 1878. Memorial of the Afghan Committee. Manchester Guardian (19 November). p. 8.

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A letter has been sent to the Treasury from Lord Lawrence on behalf of this Committee, asking Lord Beaconsfield to receive a deputation on or before Wednesday the 20th inst. The object of the deputation will be to endeavour to induce the Government at once to telegraph to Lord Lytton instructing him not to commence hostilities until the reply of the Ameer to the ultimatum has been made public in England, and until the promised papers on the Central Asian and Afghan questions have been produced. If Lord Beaconsfield consents to receive the deputation it will be introduced by Lord Lawrence.

In addition to the names accounced yesterday, the following have signed the memorial to Lord Beaconsfield:—


Mr. Charles Darwin, F.R.S.



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