RECORD: Darwin, C. R. 1845. [Testimonial.] In Brayley, E. W., Additional testimonials submitted to the Council of University College, London, by Edward William Brayley... a candidate for the Professorship of Geology. London: Richard and John E. Taylor, p. [7].

REVISION HISTORY: Text from Correspondence vol. 3, p. 133. RN4

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Down, Kent

Feb. 7th. 1845.

My dear Sir

You have my best wishes for your success in your present application. You are aware that I have never had an opportunity of hearing you lecture, & therefore cannot speak of your qualifications in that line; but I have great pleasure in adding, that I have always been struck by your remarkable powers in acquiring scientific knowledge of varied kinds, & by your extensive reading. I think it will be generally acknowledged, that a capacity of this nature, must be eminently serviceable in teaching a subject of so divesified a nature as Geology.—

Believe me dear Sir

Yours very faithfully

C. Darwin

E. W. Brayley Esqe1

1 Edward William Brayley (1802-1870), geologist and free-lance lecturer. His application was not successful. See Correspondence vol. 3, p. 133.

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