RECORD: Darwin, C. R. 1884. [Extract and facsimile of two letters to W. A. Leighton, 1858]. In E. Woodall, Charles Darwin. A paper contributed to the Transactions of the Shropshire Arch├Žological Society. London: Trubner, pp. 17, 52-53.

REVISION HISTORY: Transcribed and edited by John van Wyhe 6.2021. RN1

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Page 17 includes an extract of Darwin's 21 November [1858] letter to William Allport Leighton. See Correspondence vol. 7, p. 206. Between pp. 52-53 is a facsimile of Darwin's 26 November 1862 letter to Leighton. A317. See Correspondence vol. 10, p. 572.

[page] 17

"How many years have rolled over our heads since we were at school together, and how little we then thought that we should correspond on scientific subjects."

[pages 52-53]

[facsimile of 26 November 1862 letter ]


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