RECORD: Darwin, C. R. 1880. [Extract of a letter to F. E. Abbot]. The Index (Boston, Mass.) 11 (20 May): [1].

REVISION HISTORY: Transcribed by Christine Chua and edited by John van Wyhe. 7.2021. RN1

NOTE: Dr Francis Ellingwood Abbot, 1836-1903. American Unitarian minister, liberal religious philosopher, writer, co-founder of the Free Religious Association. Editor (1870-80) of The Index, of the Free Religious Association (1867) of Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. 1871 CD letters to on religion F1753 and CCD19. Truths for the times was a pamphlet which, as Abbot described: "is an effort to bring the truest science and the truest religion of the age into absolute harmony and mutual understanding. The supposed conflict between science and religion is superficial and unreal, when both are properly conceived." CD wrote A of his agreement with Truths for the times "I agree to almost every word". This quotation was published with the permission of CD in The Index from 1871-80 when CD asked his son William to write to A, who was no longer to edit the journal, to discontinue printing the endorsement in future. See LL1:304-6 and Browne 2002, pp. 391-2 and CCD19. 1876 thanked CD for a donation of £20 towards The Index. Abbot, 1882 Recollections of CD in DAR112.A1-A2, transcribed in Darwin Online. (Darwin: A Companion, 2021, p. 1)

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 A LETTER from Dr. Charles Darwin, the world-famous author of the Origin of Species, dated April 15 and just received, contains a passage which we venture to quote, as showing the estimation in which THE INDEX is held by those opinion is most valuable abroad:  "I always read a large part of your excellent journal, and should certainly read every word had I time and strength sufficient. But reading much more than the papers, etc., which are necessary for my scientific work nowadays tires me greatly. Most heartily wishing you success in your admirable endeavors in the good cause of truth, and wishing you prosperity in all ways, I remain," etc.

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