RECORD: Darwin, C. R. 1914. [Letter to G. R. Waterhouse, 1850]. In Horace Gordon Hutchinson, Life of Sir John Lubbock, Lord Avebury. London, vol. 2, pp. 269-70.

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"Waterhouse, George Robert, 1810-88. Mammalogist and entomologist. Keeper of Mineralogy and Geology at BMNH. A friend of CD and often at Down House. CD discussed evolution with before Origin. 1833 Founder of Entomological Society of London with F.W. Hope. 1837-45 W wrote 17 articles describing mammals and insects collected by CD during Beagle voyage. 1838-39 W wrote Zoology, Part II, Mammalia. 1843 CD to Lyell, "if Waterhouse is hired he will enjoy his seven shillings a day from the British Museum, as much as most men would ten times the sum!" CCD2:388-389. 1837 [An Australian insect] in F2015. 1840 [Chilean beetles] in F2010. 1841 [Notes on South American insects] in F2016. 1841 [Note on a ground beetle found off the Straits of Magellan] in F2012. 1842 [Notes on South American beetles] in F2013. 1843 CD to W, "I believe...that if every organism which ever had lived or does live were collected together...a perfect series would be presented, linking all...into one great quite indivisible group". CCD2:377-379. 1844 Aug. 14 ED recorded in her diary "Mr Waterhouse came". 1847 CD reviewed W's A natural history of the Mammalia vol. 1, Marsupialia, 1846, in Annals and Mag. of Nat. Hist., 19: pp. 53-56, unsigned, (Shorter publications, F1675)." (Paul van Helvert & John van Wyhe, Darwin: A Companion, 2021)

[page] 269

An interesting note which was, by his permission, shown among the Darwin manuscripts at this Celebration is from Mr. Darwin, running:

DOWN, FARNBOROUGH, KENT, Wednesday Eve. [January–June 1850]

MY DEAR WATERHOUSE—Will you be so kind as to take the trouble to send me a proper form for proposing

[page] 270

a member (eldest son of Sir J. Lubbock, who some day will, I think, be good and active Naturalist) for the Entomological Soc.

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