RECORD: Darwin, C. R. 1865. [Letter]. In Testimonials in favour of Mr. Adam White, during twenty-five years Assistant in the Zoology Department, British Museum; corresponding member of the Linnean Society of Lyons, of the Stettin Entomological Society etc. Edinburgh: Thomas Constable, p. 10.

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DOWN, KENT, 26th December 1851.

MY DEAR SIR,—I HAVE much pleasure in expressing my high opinion of your Zoological attainments; and your great zeal for every branch of Natural History must strike all who are acquainted with you.

Your papers in the scientific journals show how successfully you have worked out original materials. I have often had occasion to visit the working department in the British Museum, and I have invariably found you, permit me to add, most zealous and obliging in your endeavours to aid me in every possible way, and in giving me all the information in your power.

You are at full liberty to show this letter to any one; and I beg to remain, my dear Sir, Yours sincerely,


Adam White, Esq.1

1 Adam White (1817-1879), assistant in the Zoology Department of British Museum 1835-1863 who specialised in entomology and Crustacea. He described some of Darwin's arachnids from the Beagle voyage in White 1841.

This letter was first printed in Testimonials of Adam White, F.L.S., Assistant in the Zoological Department, British Museum [1854], p. 15 as part of an application for the chair of natural history at Edinburgh University in 1854. Edward Forbes was appointed before the pamphlet was distributed. In 1865 White had the testimonials printed again in order to gain employment in Edinburgh after retiring from the British Museum due to mental illness. See Correspondence vol. 5, p. 76.

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