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Forchhamer Dr
Changes of level

The communication from Dr. Forchhammer on the changes of level in Denmark appears to me worthy of place in the Transactions from the following reasons.—

1st. That the movements of the ground in that quarter of Europe have long been a subject of high interest, and therefore all additional information is valuable.

2nd. That a kind of evidence is adduced in support of some of the statements, which could only be acquired by those intimately acquainted with the ancient history of those countries.

3d. That several distinct facts are given (although, perhaps, unfortunately mingled with various hypotheses of deluges and bursting of channels) which relate to the nature of the superficial deposits,—the form of some ancient sea-beaches,—the localities where elevated shells have been found,—and to submarine forests.—

I would suggest, if the Paper is ordered to be printed, that it should be accompanied by a diagram, illustrating Dr. Forchhammer’s description of the shingle beaches.—

Charles Darwin

October 20th. 1837

Forchhammer, Johan Georg. 1837. On some changes of level which have taken place during the historical period  in Denmark. [Read 31 May] Proceedings of the Geological Society of London 2 (1833-1838): 554-6. Forchhammer's paper was published in the Transactions as:
Forchhammer, A letter to Charles Lyell, Esq., on some changes of level which have taken place in Denmark during the present period. Transactions of the Geological Society 6 (1841): 157-60. A woodcut was added to p. 158 giving a section of the island of Bornholm.

the underlined text in the margin is not in Darwin's handwriting

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