RECORD: Darwin, C. R. [List of fossil wood specimens from the Beagle.] NHM-408865-1001 Transcribed by John van Wyhe (Darwin Online,

REVISION HISTORY: Scanned by the Natural History Museum (London), transcribed from the manuscript by John van Wyhe, corrections by Gordon Chancellor 7.2010. RN1

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[1 recto]

1575. red paper embedded in a ferruginous sandstone, belonging to a tertiary deposit of no great age — near St Fe. Banks of the Parana Latitude 32°. — S
975 red paper Banks of the S. Cruz river in Patagonia Lat 50° S a rolled fragment, but probably not brought from any great distance
348 green paper embedded in (tertiary.?) sandstone on the coast of Chiloe. Lat: 43°
579 green paper embedded in coal carboniferous sandstone of south part of Chile. Near Concepcion Lat 37°
705 & 706 green paper Both Fragments from near centre of tree standing upright in volcanic tuff. At great elevation. Cordillera of central Chile Lat: 33°
704 green paper Fragment of one of same trees. showing external surface (NB. I have sent this on account of the others coming from central part)
92 yellow paper Embedded in conglomerate, at considerable elevation Cordillera of Copiapò.— Part of great tree not standing upright. Lat. 27° : 30' —

C. Darwin

[1 verso blank]

[2 recto]

831. white paper. Bed of Uruguay. above junction with Plata

1473. ' Ditto

574 (red) —R. Parana (La Plata)

The above woods all probably belong to sandstone immediately beneath great estuary deposit of Pampas with extinct Mammalia

720 & 721 (red) Plains of Patagonia, on the surface, Port St. Julian

978. (red). — Plains of Patagonia. S. Cruz

227 (green) rather ancient tertiary formation coast of Chili. — Strata horizontal

44. (yellow) Wood dug out of great alluvial plain, 3000 ft above sea, now quite barren, & covered with stratum of nitrate of soda, & some muriate. — Iquique Lat 20° S. Peru.

443. 444 (yellow) Illiwarri, New S. Wales

483: 484: 485: 486 (yellow) central plains of Van Diemens land. —

487. 488. Van Diemen's Land, I don't know what part

The impressions of leaves on the yellowish limestone, from a quarry in the suburb or the town; proceeding up a hill towards the interior of the island. — There is only one quarry of this kind of limestone. Shells have sometimes been found in it.

[2 verso]

2889 green — Hornillos, Chili— Cordillera

2519 (green) Chiloe. —

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