RECORD: Lowe, Robert. 'Journal kept by H. P. Lowe & R Lowe during 3 months of the summer 1831. at Barmouth. North Wales. Forsitan haec olim meminisse juvabit.' [Nottinghamshire Record Office] NRO-DD.SK.218.1 (Darwin Online,

REVISION HISTORY: Transcribed from the manuscript by Peter Lucas. Edited by Kees Rookmaaker and John van Wyhe 4.2009. RN1

NOTE: Reproduced by permission of Nottinghamshire Archives.

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[Journal 1831]

Tuesday. August 23 [1831]

Rose at 7 1/2.  Bathed below Borthwen. breakfasted 8 1/2.  About 9 Mrs Chaloner & W. Martin went off, on their road to Bangor, they intend sleeping at Tan.Y.Bwlch, they went by Dolmelynlynna.  Miss Sutton (Mrs C's sister) could not agree with them so she went by Harlech.  From 10 till a little after 1, we had a lecture at Whitleys.  We then went & called at Borthwen, & saw Mrs R. Miss Sturt & Miss Ricketts: afterwards had a goodb walk on the hills behind the town to a place called Bwlch Llan, whence a splendid view of the Cader, the river &c.  Dined at 4 1/4 on cold mutton & apple tart.  R played Billiards & sat with Read till 8 1/2.  H read the paper, & read from 6 till 7 1/2, when he saw Darwin who had just arrivedc.  H & Beadon then beat up the river in the Otterd, but were disappointed of the moon on account of some clouds.  Beadon & Read drank tea with us at 9.  R went to bed 10 1/2.  H 11 1/4.  Another splendid day.

* * *

Read & Gundry went out to sea in the Otter, & shot 20 gulls.

a We advised W. Martin to go & see the waterfalls.

b For the first time we carried poles with spikes in them & found them very useful.

c He had walked from Festiniog we hope he will stay till 1st Seper.

d We were to have made up 4 for the Swift, but Read & R. declined.

Wednesday. August. 24. [1831]

R rose at 6 1/4. H 1/4 7.  Both Whitley as usual.  Breakfasted 1/4 9.  Read &c till 2 1/4, when we strolled out. H on the hill above the town with Darwin and Whitley, rain came on, got rather wet & a fall: sat awhile with Darwin at the Cors.y.gedol, & afterwards read the paper at Read's, came home at 5 1/4 & read a little till dinner at 1/4 6 on hashed mutton & cold apple tart.  R called on the Miss Orreds, & walked out with them, but got wet, brought an invite to tea, which we accepted & gave them the pleasure of our companya from 7 1/2 till 11, we had a slight walk on the Dolgelley, & went to bed 11 1/2.  A windy day & rain all the afternoon.  R. played 2 games at chess, lost, 1, won the other.

* * *

Mrs Ricketts fulfilled her promise by sending a note with her compts, enclosing the receipt for a Gateaux.á.la.madeleine, & nectar, a pretty liquor, in great vogue at Nannau.

Read went out with J. Roberts & R. Jones in the cutter, to Port Madoc.

a they gave us a great deal of news in the way of ghost stories, to which they seemed particularly inclined.

Thursday. August. 25 [1831]

R rose 6 1/4.  H 1/4 7.  Both Whitley as usual.  Breakfasted 1/4 9.  Read all morning.  R went out at 1 1/2.  H stayed in, in consequence of a strain, & saw Miss Ricketts ride by on "The Pet".  R walked with the Miss Orreds on the Harlech road & came home about 5, when H strolled to the Inn, conversed Miss Sturt & Miss Ricketts.  Dined 6 1/4, having waited for Darwinx, who had gone to Cwm Bychan with Mr & Mrs Owena, we gave him a quarter of an hour, but he arrived just as we finished, & put an end to a duck wh, with some mutton chops, mushrooms, & apple pudding, had formed our repast.  R drank tea with the Miss Orreds & went to bed 1/4 11.   H had some leechesb on, & went to bed 11 1/2.  A windy day, but tolerably fine.

* * *

The following will serve as a specimen of Mrs Jones's English.  She told me that one of her lodgers, a lady in a delicate state of health, heard the smell of our mushrooms cooking, & was seized with a great longing for some.

a He returned highly pleased with Cwm Bychan, and Mrs Owen's [illeg].

b For a strain.

Friday. August. 26 [1831]

R rose at 6 1/2. H at 7.  Both Whitley as usual, H rather late. Breakfasted 1/4 9. Read &c. R went out at 1 1/2, & strolled about, H took a slight stroll about 4: met Mrs Ricketts & Miss Sturt walking & Miss R. riding.  Darwin dined with us at 6 on a leg of mutton, stewed cucumber, & plum tart which set our teeth on edge considerably.  Darwin & R discussed a bottle of Port afterwards & soon after 8, we walked up to Beadon’s, (heard the Pearson family singing at their window) where we drank tea, & came home about 10.  R went to bed 10 1/2 & H after a little reading at 11 1/2.   A windy day, with rain all the afternoona.

* * * 

Whitley set off this morning to Bala, nobody knowing why.

a Rained all night, & a deal of wind.

Saturday. August. 27 [1831]

Rose at 8 1/2, breakfasted (Darwin with us) at 9 1/2.  Beadon brought us the paper afterwards; Darwin, he, & R, had a long converse on politics, in which Beadon was a good deal beat.  About 11 went to Whitleys, & got an examination paper, Darwin & R had a game at Billiards; then strolled to the pierhead where they with Mr Johns agreed to ascend Cader, it was then cloudy, but clearing gradually, the Carnarvonshire hills were very clear: a storm coming over stopped them & they staid at our room till 1 1/2a when they started agreeing to return to dinner at 7 1/2.  They got a little way over the river, when they again turned back, the weather being worse: they played billiards till 4 oclock, when Darwin, Beadon, & H, strolled on the Sand Hills, & found some fungus, of a peculiar sort, which much pleased Darwin.  Afterwards walked towards Borthwen, & at 6 1/4, dined, having waited for R, who never came till 7 1/4, having walked out with the Miss Orreds at 4b:  we had some hashed mutton, stewed cucumber, & apple tart, after the discussion of wh, Darwin & H strolled on the Harlech sands, met Mr Pearson  & Co, had some tea at the Cors.y.gedol, where H left Darwin at 10, & saw Read who had just returned from Port Madoc, where he had been [illeg] since Wednesday.  Beadon who had dined at Borthwen, dropped in about 11; & R returned from the Miss Orreds, where he drank tea, at 11 1/2.  Went to bed 1/4 12.  A very rainy morning wh gradually cleared till a fine afternoon.

* * *

a and eat their sandwiches prepared for the walk.

Mr Johns started about 5 (we heard) to go up Cader by himself, & not knowing the way the least.

b to Llanaber where the ladies sketched.

R. played 4 games at chess with Miss Falkner, & won 3.

Sunday. August. 28 [1831]

Rose at 8.  Darwin & Read breakfasted with us at 9 1/4.  Darwin Late.  R answered paper of yesterday, & H 1//4 12 went to church, after wh strolled with Mr Ricketts & family towards his house, & went into the stable: went to the Inn & found Darwin, Read & R, at luncheon.  Saw Darwin & R start in a boat up the river on their way to Mallwydda, Darwin to meet Aber.ys.twith coach tomorrow, & R to keep him company & return in the morning.  Read the paper, & dined with the other men at the Inn at 4.  Soles, boiled, rabbit, roast beef, plum pudding: strolled with Read about 6 on the Harlech & Dolgelley roads, met the Miss Orreds among others.  Had a fire & tea at our room at 8.  Read went away 9 1/4.  Read &c, & went to bed 12 1/4.  Rather fine in the morning, but clouded over again, & very windy.

* * *

Mr Johns returned about 7 this morning, having slept out of doors, on the rocks.

a 22 miles from here, 12 beyond Dolgelley, on the Shrewsbury road.

Monday. August. 29 [1831]

Rose at 7 1/2.  Breakfasted 1/4 9.  Went to Reads &c.  Read started on his road home to go in a boat up the river & thence to Corwena.  Went to Whitleyb at 12.  {R returned at 1 1/2.  The walk from Dolgelley to Dinas Mowddy is wild, & the vale about 6 miles from the former place particularly striking.  Mallwydd is a small village with a good Inn, where Darwin and R arrived soon after 8, had some tea, & went to bed.  In the morning they started 8 1/2, on their different routes, Darwin towards Shrewsbury & R back here:  he was passed by Mr Ricketts & family in his phaeton near Llanelltydd, they had been to a house near Dolgelley to dine & sleep.}  Whitley & H had a sail in the Mary, with J. Roberts & got wet, & R having dressed, played billiards.  Read the papers & H walked on the Dolgelley road, meeting Mrs & Miss Ricketts riding.  Dined at 6 on a mutton pie, bad in manyc respects, mushrooms & a bread & butter pudding:  About 7 1/2, walked up to the Miss Orreds where we drank tea & stayed till 10 1/4d. R beat Miss Falkner 1 game at chess.  NB. we had a note from Mr Pearson this morning asking us to take our coffee with him tonight, a pleasure we declined.  R went to bed 1/4 11.  H at 1/4 12.  A windy disagreeable day with rain occasionally.

* * *

a He intended to be at home by Thursday Seper 1st.

b Whitley returned about 10 last night, having left this place on Friday, slept at Corwen, got to Liverpool Saturday, transacted some business, slept there; & left at 8, Sunday morning, & by dint of coaches, running, cars, & phaetons, arrived here as above stated, the distance there is 94 miles.

c very particularly impregnated with onion.

d Miss Orred was not visible, not being well.

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