RECORD: Darwin, C. R. 1844-1846. [Catalogue of trees and plants at Down House.] Private collection, California.

REVISION HISTORY: Transcribed and edited by Christine Chua and John van Wyhe 4.2020. RN1

NOTE: This catalogue by Darwin lists the wide variety of trees and other plants in the grounds of Down House around 1844-1846 when extensive planting and landscaping took place.

Reproduced by permission of a private collector in California.


Fifth Line

1 Morello cherry

2 Swan's Egg (?) [pear tree]

3 (March) Ribston Pippin 1 [Glory of York, apple tree]

4 Coe's Golden Drop (Shrewsbury) x [plum tree]

5 Ribston Pippin (1) 2 x

6 Ribston Pippin (1) 3 x

Place for Green Gage [plum]

Standard greens

Sixth Line

1. Wine Sour (Shrewsbury) x [plum]

2 Jargonelle Pear Std Glout Mosceau [pear] Cattell [1]

3 [illeg] Plum. (Lee)

4 Orleans Plum (Lee)

5 Magnum Bonum (Shrewsbury) [Yellow medium size apple with patterns of red]


6 Marie Louise (out of line) [Pyrus communis, pear]

Seventh Line. Four Green Gages & One Orleans & standard Gausell Bergamott

In S. West corner, two standard (Western one from Cattell & Eastern one from Stoddolph

[John Cattell, a nurseryman in Westerham, Kent.]

Shropshire Damsons. [prune]  (3) (5)

South of walk where Damsons & Magnum Bonum stood in S


Field one Bigarreau White Hart Cherry and two Standard apples from Cattell, the smaller southern one.

Northern Queening (Jan) (April) & the northern one Northern Winter Queening (2) [apple tree]

In the N W corner beyond walk a Bigarreau Cherry.

In Field; beginning at West End

1 Catillac Pear Autumn Bergamot  Sh Cattell (Lee) (Stewing)

2 (June) Norfolk Biffin [hard and very red apple]  K. Std

3 Feb Blenheim orange [apple tree]          K. do (Feb:)

4 (Sept) Keswick Codlin [apple tree]         K. do (2) / 3 Codlins /

5 (June) French Crab. Apple                    K. do

2d Row

1 Winter Queening

2 Pear Napoleon & Bergamott Cadet. frm Mr Haycock

[Edward Haycock was Shropshire County Surveyor and the leading architect of the region (CCD2: Hobbs 1960).]

3 Catillac Pear                    18. Kitchen Apples

                                      14. Eating      do

                                       8   Pears

                                      15  Plums, beside Damson

3d Row

French Crab Apple

June 1844



South of Walk, round north orchard

Sales Field Beginning at Eastern ends of rows

[William Sales was a neighbour and landowner.]

First Row

Magnum Bonum, Shrewsbury

Green Gage standard Cattell


Orleans Standard

Second Row – irregular

Christmas Woodstock Ap. (after Christmas)

June French Crab.              Dwt. - (June)

March Codlin                      Sept

(Jan) New Eng. Pippins        Dwt. (Jan) 

Ribston Pippin

March Cod.                       Dwt.

April Northern Queening       (April)

Winter Queening

March Codlin                      Do. to south of line

White Hart Cherry


Third Row

Marie Louise Pear Standard

(May) Royal Russet  DwP-

Gausell Bergamot

Jargonelle Dw

Apricots, Turkey. –


(June) Norfolk Beaufin [apple]

Fourth Row

April    Alfriston                  April

(Feb)  Blenheim Orange      Feb    

Scarlet Pearmain                Dwt

Dec Hawthornden               Dwt

Keswick Codlin

Dec: Hawthornden              Dwt

(Jan) New English Pippin. (3 trees))


Fifth Row

(Olivine  Gausell Bergant

((( Pear Napoleon & Silver [illeg] (from Mr Haycock)

Crofton Pippin (Shrewsbury)



Rhod. Bed under Portugals Laurel

R. Magnoliafolium

2 = R. Catawbiense

others common Poticum from Maer.

Round bed. at end of azelea Bed. R. port. [Ros.] R. Port. albom.

Rhod nachum

Azelea Bed. beginning at South end near walk, following that side & working Round

Azelea pubescens grandifl

-  bicolor                 do


A. portica

- nudiflora

A. fragrans

Rhododendron hirsutum Shrewsbury

Paeonia moutan

Paeonia whitleyi

- Albiflora fragrans

St. Bruno's Lily, Catty

Wild [Mule] Pink, do


Against House beginning East side

Caprifolium flexuosum

menispermum canadense

Pomegranite [Pomegranate]

Isle de Bourbon Mad. Despres

Banksian yellow

Vine Royal Muscardins White

Bignonia radicans sugeta

Glyceria sirensis

[2 words illeg]

Magnolia grandiflora

Clematis florida (Shrewsbury)

Caprifolium gralum

Caprifolium [illeg]

Bignonia radicans sugar

Cap flexuosum

Clematis azurea grandiflora

China Rose Mandarin du Levenberg (also against that wall

magnolia conspicua

Rosa sulphurea double yellow

Mag. purpurea

North of House China Blush.-



Round plantation in Field      Cockspur Thorn – 2 single (shorter)

Scarlet. = 4 ilex = 1 Acer Plalanides. 3. A. nubrum

1. A Striatum (green bamboo). Pineaster 

Front of Flower Gardens

Clethra alnifolia

[Rhamum] alnifolia

All Spice tree

Lilac. Charles 10th

Thorn coccinea

- nubra

Larch mound

Crataegus pyracantha                   Scarlet arlutus

Deutzia scabra                            Photinia serrulata

Ilex balearicum

[illeg] nicrophylla

Barleria dulci

Right or Left West side going S. along walk to Garden

Waterers laburnum

Double Pink Thorn

Ribonia large flowered

American Mountain Ash

Thorn odoratissima

oviculalus sanguinea

Liquidambar (bush)

Lilac dark (var)


Purple Laburnum                          Juniperus sirensis

Evergreen Thorn                          Cupressus thyoides

American Mountain Ash                 2. Arbor vitae Tartaricus

Venetian Sumach                         1. - Chinensis

Rhus from Mr. Hussey                  (Thugia zepaul Long mound)

Cockspur Thorn                           Pinus pumilo munghus

Left side of do walk going S

Maple leaved thorn                       laricio [pine] (behind laurel)

Syringa grandiflora                       Abris morinda

Crataegus pyra centifolia               Level of Laburnum

Riber sanguinea                           P. pumilo

Laburnum sweet scented               P. laricio tarica

[2 words crossed]                        P. pinea.

Syringa [Josœhœa]                      P. tarica (in corner)

Spizœa [aviœfolia]                       P. Laricio (dead?)

Thee-thorned acacia                     - austriacus nigricans -not straight line

Berlin's, [illeg] aristata                  (2) P. laricio penultimate east

1 Thorn coccinea (?)                     (11) P. austriacus nigricans

4 Narrow leaved Thylleraea           furthest east

2 Ilex opaca

3 - thick leaved

- perado

Coniferous Trees                                   Rigel heard going south [illeg]

Taking parallel lines from S. to N.             Liquidambar tree [illeg]

beginning near walk.                              Platerus orientalis

Juniperus Hibernicus                               Juglan nigra           West?        East

-- Savier                                             Juercus coccinea,  palustus & macrocarpon

-- succica                                             [like them in good plat]

-- sepandus                                          Acer nubrum.  A. opulus. A nubra A. platamus

Cupressus torilosus [torulosa]                  Ailantus glandulosus



Pinus excelsus

Abies cephalonica  Sir John L.


Catalogue of Orchard Tree

First Row curved at western end at northern side & East End

1. Transparent Siberian Crab.

2. (Sept) Keswick Codlin.               [Kilit] (1)

3 (March) Bedfordshire Foundling    K (Lee 

4 Decr Hawthorndean Aston Town    K (1)

5 May Royal Russet                      K (1)

6 Wine Sour Shrewsbury

7 Dec. Hawthorndean                   K (2)

8 Ears Shrewsbury Pear

9 Magnum Bonum                        (Lee)

Second Row:  always beginning East end, near House.

1 (Jan) Yorkshire Queening            K (Lee)

2 Morello

3 (Jan) Golden Reinette                 Eat. (Lee)

4 (Sept) Dutch Codlins                  K. ([St Adolph])(1)

5 (April) Court of Wick Apple          Eat. (Lee)

6 Aston Town                              (Lee)

7 (May) Golden Harry Apple           Eat. (Lee)

8 (May) Royal Russet                    K. (2)


Third Row

Jan:    1. (?) New English Pippins    K. (Stod/ January St. Gags)

          2 (May/ Alfriston Apple        K. (Lee)

          3  Magnum Bonum

          4 (April) Court. Perdu Plat    (Eat) (Lee)

          5. ? Cres Golden Drop? Shrewsbury (Sturmer Pippins)

          6  Green Chisel Pear           (Lee)

          7 (Jan) Beauty of Kent        K. (Lee)

          8 (?) Pearson Plate Apple     (Eat) Lee

          9 (Sept] Summer Golden Pippin (Eat) [St Adolph]

Fourth Line

1 (March) Herefordshire Pearmain  (Eat) Lee

2 Swan's Egg (1)

3 hort (?) Knights Downton Pippin   (Eat) Lee

4 Hacon's Incomparable Pear         (Lee)

5 Breda Apricot Apricot in the Orchard in Brussells (Lee)

6 (April) Scarlet nonpareil              Eat (Lee)

7 (Dec) Hawthorndean Imperial Plum Shrewsbury K (3) Sturmer Pippins)

8 (?) Winter Queening                   K ([St Adolph]) (1)


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