RECORD: Peacock, George et al. 1838-1839. Election of Darwin to a Fellowship of the Royal Society of London. RoySoc-EC-1839-05. Edited by John van Wyhe (Darwin Online,

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Charles Darwin Esq MA of Christ's College Cambridge, a gentleman who volunteered as a naturalist to accompany Captain Fitz Roy in the Beagle in his surveys in South America & the Pacific Ocean & who is well acquainted with geology, botany, zoology & many other branches of Natural Knowledge, being desirous of becoming a Fellow of the Royal Society of London, we whose names are subscribed do, of our personal knowledge recommend him as a proper person to become a Fellow thereof & as likely to prove a useful & valuable member.


Jan. 24: 1839 RUR

Read 22. Nov. 1838.

1. Decr. 6

2. Decr. 13.

3. Decr. 20

4. Jany. 10, 1839.

5. Jany. 17,


George Peacock

W. Hopkins

R. Willis

Wm Clark

W. Whewell

Rodr Murchison

J. Guillemard

W H Sykes

John Taylor

J Forbes Royle

John Richardson

J. F. W. Herschel

John Edw Gray

P M Grey Egerton

John Geo. Children

Jas Clark Ross

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