RECORD: Anon. 1871. [Review of Descent]. Darwinism. States and Union (Ashland, Ohio), (1 February): 2.

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Some years since, Mr. Darwin, an educated Englishman, wrote and published a book devoted to the discussion of what is termed by him, "The origin of species,' or progressive development. The work attempted to adduce phenomena under what he calls the law of selection, to show that physical development has always been advancing in all sentient beings. In other words, that all animate beings have developed in process of time from the lowest orders. The theory is, that there has been no distinct creative energy evidenced by the Supreme Being, but that all animate existence is the result of certain laws and forces put into activity by his eternal fiat, which have gone on improving on the original, from age to age, as the machinist polishes and prepares crude metals. A large number of experiments have been made upon pigeons, by selecting those of certain peculiarities, which were transmitted until the birds seemed to constitute a separate class. This leads Mr. Darwin, to infer that by selection, and constant development, men may have, in a series of ages, developed from the Monkey, the Orang or the Chimpanzee—hands, feet, upright position, all developing and perfecting by use and desire. The brain enlarging, as want, cunning, self protection and the like developed it— Now, we have a new work by the same author, in which it is attempted to be shown that the new theory is not in conflict with a just idea od the Supreme Being, or of Christianity. In this idea, an exchange, says Mr. Darwin, is joined by Rev. Dr. McCosh, an orthodox minster, and a Professor in Princeton College New Jersey. The work will be published by the Appletons, of New York. Its appearance in print will excite new discussion among the learned.


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