RECORD: Brebner. 1881. [Review of Movement in plants]. [Paper read at Dundee Horticultural Society meeting]. Dundee Courier (4 November): 4. 

REVISION HISTORY: Transcribed by Christine Chua and edited by John van Wyhe 11.2022. RN1

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DUNDEE HORTICULTURAL ASSOCIATION.— The ordinary monthly meeting of this Association was held in Reform Street Hall on Wednesday night— the president, Mr Doig, in the chair. There was a full attendance of the members. Mr Brebner read a paper on the "Movements of Plants," being a resumé of the contents of Dr Darwin's book upon the subject. He described his experiments in proof of the universality of the law of circumnutation in radicles, stems, leaves, and flowers, and showed the advantage to the plant of this movement. The modifications of this law in climbing and sleeping plants, and in plants when exposed to the influence of lateral light, were then described and discussed. Attention was also directed to the peculiar sensitiveness of the tip of the radicle to the action of gravitation, and to contact with solid bodies. It transmits a secret influence to the adjoining portion of the root, and thus acts as its guide along the course best calculated to enable it to extract nutriment from the soil.

At the close of his paper, Mr Brebner expressed the hope that Darwin's researches and discoveries would stimulate gardeners to observe more carefully the wondrous world around them. The paper was illustrated by models and diagrams, and at the close, on the motion of the President, a hearty note of thanks was accorded to Mr. Brebner. […]

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