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Variation under Domestication

8vo Pamphlets (932) on peloric flowers p 155 see if he describes any sp. mentioned by me

939B Masters, p 369 some facts bearing on Pangenesis

American Nat. 1874. Jan. p. 29 on the effects of pollen of 2 vars. on the same seeds— both acted. Pangenesis Disputes Meehan.

[Variation 2d ed. 1: 431: "Mr. Arnold, in Canada, varied the experiment in an interesting manner: "a female flower was subjected first to the action of pollen from a yellow variety, and then to that from a white variety; the result was an ear, each grain of which was yellow below and white above."139
139 See Dr. J. Stockton-Hough, in 'American Naturalist,' Jan. 1874, p. 29."]

Transact. New Zealand Institute Vol IV. 1871. p. 431— Seedling of Siberian Bitter Sweet from stock & not afflicted by Apple-Blight

Even trees on which grafted are deserted by the aphides.

[Variation 2d ed. 1: 371 n93: "In Tasmania Mr. Wade ('Transact. New Zealand Institute,' vol. iv., 1871, p. 431) raised seedlings of the Siberian Bitter Sweet for stocks, and he found barely one per cent. of them attacked by the coccus."]

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