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NOTE: See record in the Darwin Online manuscript catalogue, enter its Identifier here. Reproduced with permission of the Syndics of Cambridge University Library and William Huxley Darwin. The volume CUL-DAR193 contains notes for Darwin's book Variation under domestication (1865-75).


773. 8vo Pamph. Wilder. p 62 on sexdigitate persons, laws of.—

X 790 do Jeitteles Gallus Bankiva Prehistoric in Europe & many references on History of Dogs.

793 do Druce & Pusey, on old Breeds transmitting their qualities best,

― English sheep not adapted for France

[Variation 2d ed. 2: 99: "We have excellent evidence on this head from Mr. S. Druce,14 who gives in detail the comparative numbers of four pure breeds and of a cross-breed which can be supported on the same ground, and he gives their produce in fleece and carcase. A high authority, Mr. Pusey, sums up the result in money value during an equal length of time, namely (neglecting shillings), for Cotswolds 248/., for Leicesters 223/., for Southdowns 204/., for Hampshire Downs 264/., and for the crossbred 293/.
14 'Journal R. Agricult. Soc.,' vol. xiv., 1853, p. 212."]

4to Pamphlet 212. P Hoffman on remarkable var in Radish

― 213 P Maximowiz on influence of strange pollen on other Fruit.

― 215 Hildebrand excellent argument from means of Distrib. that Cereals much altered

[Variation 2d ed. 1: 431: "Fritz Müller fertilised Cattleya leopoldi with pollen of Epidendron cinnabarinum; and the capsules contained very few seeds; but these presented a most wonderful appearance, which, from the description given, two botanists, Hildebrand and Maximowicz, attribute to the direct action of the pollen of the Epidendron.142
142 'Bot. Zeitung,' Sept. 1868, p. 631. For Maximowicz's judgment, see the paper last referred to."]

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