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19 Nov 72 E

p. 86 Neubert (& [Wittmack ?])

Cuttings of potatoes grafted not by tubers—: & the tubers are then found intermediate in colour— Black & white Black & red

[Variation 2d ed. 2: 421: "Herr Magnus also exhibited in the following year before the same Society (Nov. 19, 1872), the produce of grafts between black, white, and red potatoes, made by Dr. Neubert."]

Barrenstein has made same fresh Abutilon variegated graft hybrides—

All hybrids intermediate

[Variation 2d ed. 2: 419: "It has been repeatedly proved that several species of Abutilon, on which the variegated A. thompsonii has been grafted, become variegated.104
104 Morren, 'Bull. de l'Acad. R. des Sciences de Belgique,' 2de séries, tom. xxviii., 1869, p. 434. Also Magnus, 'Gesellschaft naturforschender Freunde, Berlin,' Feb. 21, 1871, p. 13; ibid., June 21, 1870, and Oct. 17, 1871. Also 'Bot. Zeitung,' Feb. 24, 1871."]

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