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NOTE: Judd, John Wesley (1840-1916) was a geologist and Professor of the Geology Royal College of Science London. Correspondent of Darwin and visitor to Down House. 1877 F.R.S., 1891 Wollaston Medal, Geological Society. He reviewed the Geology of The Voyage of The Beagle: Darwin's "Geological Observations" Nature (1 February 1877): 289-90.

See Judd's recollections of Sir Charles Lyell here:

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4th June 1882.

My dear Sir,

My personal acquaintance with your father dates from about 1875, when I was much in the company of the late Sir Charles Lyell. Frequent letters passed between the two old friends and I was made happy by the receipt of the kindest messages from Down.

After Sir Charles' death your father called upon me and every year when he came to London, used to either call and see me or send me an invitation to take luncheon with him, and talk over geological questions.

I shall always look back on those interviews with the greatest delight –remembering the wonderful suggestiveness of his conversation, and the kind and keen interest he took in any pursuits. The letters I have are for the most part mere notes making appointments for these geological chats. I send some of the longer of these as they illustrate your father's continued interest in geological subject in his later years.

I have a very lively recollection of some of his anecdotes and sayings on geological subjects, and if they would be of service to you should be glad to write them out and forward them to you. Some of the circumstances relating to their intercourse, which were told me by Lyell, may also be of use to you.

I hope that Mrs. Darwin's health has not suffered from the great shock she has sustained.

Yours very faithfully

John W. Judd.

F. Darwin Esq         

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