RECORD: Downing, John. 1882.06.26. [Recollection of Darwin in a letter to Francis Darwin]. CUL-DAR198.60. Edited by John van Wyhe (Darwin Online,

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Co'op bank

June 26: 1882

Dear Sir

I enclose letters (6) received by me from your illustrious father as I have observed in the Press that you are anxious to get the loan of them.

I also send copy of my letter upon Shorthorn breeding to which he referred.

When I had the pleasure of writing him he told me that it afforded him great satisfaction to have my practical knowledge of the breeding of cattle in correspondence with the news he had expressed antagonistic to long continued close interbreeding.

Many persons, he said had told him that he was wrong –that he merely propounded a theory – that their experience went against his notions.

Believe me

Yours faithfully

John Downing

To Robt. Darwin Esq


(Enclosure: Shorthorn Breeding and type.)

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