RECORD: Darwin, C. R. [1878].07.09. Thalia. CUL-DAR209.13.1. Edited by John van Wyhe (Darwin Online,

REVISION HISTORY: Transcribed by Christine Chua and edited by John van Wyhe 7.2023. RN1

NOTE: See record in the Darwin Online manuscript catalogue, enter its Identifier here. Reproduced with permission of the Syndics of Cambridge University Library and William Huxley Darwin. The volume CUL-DAR209.13 contains materials on fertilisation (Thalia) for Darwin's book Movement in plants (1880).


July 9th. Thalia— I have just tried I touched mere tip of one nectary with very thin bristle, & I am sure nothing else. & instantly stip pistil went off— it seemed bristle along with it & pinned it so fast that both flower could be waved about without dropping, & when withdrawn Coated with pollen.— like Antennæ of Catasetum, which are prolongation of sti (?) & do not secrete — The 2 nectary are on outside of flower & have great drops of nectar on side of flower & position of labellum & curvature to pistil & nectar wd immerse proboscis being here inserted, & then as curls in spiral course the bristle is swept to inner side & then held—.

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