RECORD: Darwin, C. R. [1879].04.08-05.04. Anoda Wrightii. CUL-DAR209.14.3. Edited by John van Wyhe (Darwin Online,

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8th 8° 30' a.m right & left Hand seedling with both Cots inclined a little from light— Middle seedling with both inclined to left — Cloudy day in morning with a good deal of sunshine.

[sketch] A

4° 30' P.m A had cots rather stand to light, but then tip of Hypocotyl had escaped above pin.—

The Left Hand one had nearer Cot, bowed down to light & upper one raised. The third was not at all affected— I suppose are heliotropic but do not feel sure— I think only slightly so.— (one killed by accident)

8th. 10° P.m. two of seedlings with cotyledons declined with asleep— The third not in the least asleep declined & this was the one which showed no signs of Heliotropism.—

Ap. 15. The Cots have now grown 2 or 3 as big as they were & a minute true leaf formed, & in middle of day they are both considerably declined showing that there must have been considerable epinasty.

Ap. 23d no the old Cots. are today, cloudy, horizontal.

May 4th. old cotyledons with very long petioles— very old cotyledons they are at noon extended horizontally.—


Ap. 20th First true leaf so much inclined, as to deserve to be called asleep.— one leaf (90 [-] 23 [=] 67) 67° beneath horizon & was horizontal during day—

The now older cotyledons are steeper than they were (but so bent to light that difficult to measure.)— some Cots 62° & some 68° beneath horizon — so may be said to sleep add to list

Anoda Wrightii Sleep

April 8' 1879


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