RECORD: Darwin, C. R. [1870-1871] & 1877.10.29. Oxalis acetosella / Draft of Descent vol. 1, folio 62. CUL-DAR209.14.76. Edited by John van Wyhe (Darwin Online,

REVISION HISTORY: Transcribed by Christine Chua and edited by John van Wyhe 7.2023. RN1

NOTE: See record in the Darwin Online manuscript catalogue, enter its Identifier here. Reproduced with permission of the Syndics of Cambridge University Library and William Huxley Darwin. The volume CUL-DAR209.14 contains material for Darwin's book Movement in plants (1880). Draft is in the hand of Ebenezer Norman with corrections by Darwin. The text of the draft corresponds to Descent 1: 248.


Oct 29 /77 Oxalis acetosella— petioles secured


Leaflet viewed in front

Red Head [sketch]

7° P.m

7° 43' to the right & up

8. 15' gone back to left

(not quite inflicted)

8. 50 still more to left

9. 32 gone back to middle

10. 10' up & to left

10. 40 up to to right horizontally

day (The rising implies that leaf

less closely adpressed to petiole)

Right Hand

Leaflet viewed laterally

Black mark on paper

7° P.m Sleep leaf

7°. 43 far to left, where angular

leaflet closing inwards

8°. 15 still further inwards

8° 50 same spot

9' 32 still more inward

10. 10 still a little inward

10. 40' gone a little back that is

from the petiole





Chap. VII

As the various characteristic differences between the races of man cannot be accounted for in a satisfactory manner, by the direct actions of the conditions of life, nor by the efforts of the continued use of parts, nor through the principle of correlation, we are led to enquire whether the slight & diversified slight variations or individual differences, to which man is eminently liable, may not have been

[The bottom of the leaf is excised and now in CUL-DAR209.11.85]

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