RECORD: Darwin C. R. 1882. [Letter to New York Entomological Club]. In Henry Edwards, Obituary. Charles Robert Darwin F.R.S. Papilio. Organ of the New York Entomological Club 2 (5) (May): 81.

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On the 20th day of April last a shadow fell upon the earth and a wail of sorrow went up from the homes of science, for the news flashed around the world that the great naturalist was dead. In this place we desire to do no more than record our loss and to fulfil a duty we have laid down for ourselves of briefly noticing the departure of all who have in any way belonged to the ranks of our association. Mr. Darwin was early nominated an honorary member of the New York Entomological Club, and expressed a warm interest in its purposes. In a letter received from him during the past year, he says: "I like 'PAPILIO' very much, and, though I am not specially an entomologist, it seems to me to be established on a wise principle of investigation, and you will probably do better work by concentrating your inquiries. I wish for it and your society every success." To say one word in praise of a man so worthily honored would be, on our part,

"To gild refined gold."

We would only add our mite of sorrow to the universal grief which the world has laid at the shrine of departed genius and worth, and twine our humble leaf among the laurels placed upon his tomb.—H. E.

[Henry Edwards (1830-1891), American entomologist and botanist and secretary of the New York Entomological Club and editor of Papilio. See F3467.]

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