RECORD: Tennyson, Hallam. 1897. [Recollection of Tennyson and Darwin on Christianity]. Alfred Lord Tennyson: a memoir. London: Macmillan & co., Ltd., vol. 2, p. 57.

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On 17 July 1868 the Darwin family travelled to the Isle of Wight for a five week holiday. While there, Emma Darwin's diary shows that the Darwins met the Poet Laureate Alfred Lord Tennyson on 10 August at Julia Margaret Cameron's house, while J. D. Hooker was visiting them. Darwin also visited Tennyson at his holiday home, Farringford House, on 17 August. Tennyson's wife, Emily Sellwood, recorded this brief exchange in her diary. To "not make against" means 'does not contradict.'

John van Wyhe

[page] 57

Aug. 17th. [1868] Farringford. Mr. Darwin called, and seemed to be very kindly, unworldly, and agreeable. A. said to him, "Your theory of Evolution does not make against Christianity": and Darwin answered, "No, certainly not."

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