RECORD: Darwin, C. R. 1929. [Letter to Charles Augustus Bennet, Lord Tankerville]. S. Gordon. Famous cattle. The Chillingham herd. The Scotsman (19 July): 13.

REVISION HISTORY: Transcribed and edited by John van Wyhe 12.2019.

NOTE: See record in the Freeman Bibliographical Database, enter its Identifier here. Charles Augustus Bennet, 6th Earl of Tankerville (1810-1899). Chillingham Park was the estate of the Earl of Tankerville. With thanks to Samantha Evans and Rosy Clarkson of The Correspondence of Charles Darwin.

[page] 13


An Ancient Stock.


An interesting letter from the great scientist, Charles Darwin, writing to the late Earl of Tankerville, says— "Professor Rutsmeyer expresses the warmest gratitude to Your Lordship. The Cow's skull is not yet clean enough for final examination, but the professor feels pretty sure that it will prove to belong to the gigantic Primigenius race (reduced now in size), which was described by Cæsar in the forests of German, and which is now extinct. It is, however, abundantly found fossil in northern Europe. I think Your Lordship will be pleased to hear that you and your ancestors have preserved this great ruminant."


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