RECORD: Anon. 1873. [Review of Expression]. San Jose Mercury News (9 February): 2. 

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New Books.

The Expression of the Emotions in Men and Animals. By Charles Darwin, M.A., FRS., &c. With Photographic and other Illustrations. New York: D Appleton and Company.

We have received from A. Roman & Co., general book dealers and publishers, San Francisco, a copy of the above work—the last, if not the best and most interesting of the works of the great writer on Natural Selection, whose theories on the origin of the race and of species, have set the world to thinking, if not to revising its theologies. In the above work the author draws many nice comparisons between the expression of the emotions by men and animals, showing the close analogy that exists between the higher forms of brute life and man. It will be largely read by scientists and thinkers, as are all of Darwin's works. The development theory of creation is a spectre that will not down at the bidding of ignorance, but becomes more and more rational as it becomes better understood. The above work may be had of any of our dealers.


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