RECORD: Anon. 1861. The structure of fowls [query on behalf of Darwin]. The Field (25 May): 19.

REVISION HISTORY: Transcribed and edited by John van Wyhe 10.2022. RN1

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[page] 19

THE STRUCTURE OF FOWLS.—Mr. Darwin, the naturalist, is at present engaged in investigating, by careful dissection, the difference in the construction of our various breeds of domestic fowls. For the furtherance of his researches, he wishes to obtain a defunct male bird of each of the following kinds: Guilderland, Crèvecœur, and Ptarmigan. If any of our readers who keeps these kinds should, unluckily, have one die, we should feel obliged if he would bestow it in the cause of this interesting investigation. Mr Darwin's address is—C. Darwin, Esq., Down, Bromley, Kent, S.E.

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