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1 Enclosure

21 June 1882.

Roslyn, Hampstead, N. W.

Dear Sir

In the "Athenaeum" I saw that Letters from your late much venerated Father Charles Darwin, are requested by you to be looked over in preparation of a Life of our great and lamented Naturalist.

I find one Letter written to me kindly some 30 years ago in reply to some crude notions I had about Expansion of strata by Heat.

The last page of the Letter is characteristic and full of good advice by which I have professed and left alone things too deep for me.

How I remember the sunny beams which came out over the old Room of the Geo. Soc: when Darwin entered; the few occasions in which I had the pleasure of meeting him, he was always kind to me out of friendship to my dear brother in law the late W. Darwin Fox. He too was my proposer as the Geological Society: a great honour.

I equally value the accompanying letter, and should in due time be glad to have it delivered.

Believe me

Your faithfully

Charles H L Woodd

Francis Darwin Esq

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