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1862 Anthropological Society, London. Honorary Fellow from its foundation. (Paul van Helvert & John van Wyhe, Darwin: A Companion, 2021) Rudler attended the funeral at Westminster Abbey.

Anon. 1882. The funeral of Mr. Darwin. The Times (27 April): 5. A863


[Francis Darwin:] answered

Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland,

4, St. Martin's Place, W. C.

6th May 1882.


I am directed by the Council of the Anthropological Institute to convey to you the following Resolution which was passed at the last meeting of the Council, Mr. Hyde Clarke, Vice-President, in the Chair:

"That the Council of the Anthropological Institute hereby express their sympathy with the Family of the late Mr. Charles Darwin, an Honorary Member of this Institute,

To Mr. Erasmus Darwin, Esqre. &c &c

Down, Kent.


as he was of the preceding Ethnological and Anthropological Societies.

"The Council beg to record their sense of the great loss which Anthropological Science has suffered by the death of one who has so largely contributed to its advancement in this generation – a loss which they feel assured is most deplored by every member of the scientific world."

I have the honour to, with much respect,

Your obedient servant,

F. W. Rudler,


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