RECORD: Mantegazza, [Paolo], Società Antropologica Italiana. [1882.04]. Telegram to the Darwin family. CUL-DAR215.12i. Edited by John van Wyhe (Darwin Online,

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Paolo Mantegazza (1831-1910). Italian physiologist, anthropologist and populariser of Darwinism in Italy.

Darwin cited him in Descent 2: 338, n36: "A full and excellent account of the manner in which savages in all parts of the world ornament themselves is given by the Italian traveller, Prof. Mantegazza, 'Rio de la Plata, Viaggi e Studi,' 1867, p. 525-545; all the following statements, when other references are not given, are taken from this work."

Mantegazza wrote several reviews of Darwin's works.



Handed in at the Florence F M A  Office at 7-10 Received here at 8

From Presidente Mantegazza

To Famiglia Darwin Down Bromley

Societa antropollogeca  Italiana esprime vivissi condoglianza perda irreparable Charles Darwin

 [Francis Darwin:] answered

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