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Henry Fox Bristowe, Q. C., Vice-Chancellor of the County Palatine Lancaster. A bencher of the Middle Temple. Born 8 may 1824. Baptised at Caunton, co. Notts. Knighted 5 Aug. 1887. Married Selina Bridgeman in 1850. They had 2 sons and 2 daughters.

Burke, H. Farnham. 1888. Pedigree of the family of Darwin, p. 17.


[GHD]6, Chesham Place, S. W

24 April 1882

My dear Darwin,

I was just starting for the Levée when your kind note came asking me on behalf of your brother William as well as yourself if I could attend the funeral of your honoured father.

My wife replied saying that I should be able to attend and indeed


I should have been pierced had any thing prevented my having the great privilege of paying the last tribute of respect to the honoured memory of one who though so great was always kind to me and where loss is a worldwide calamity

I did not venture to write to you about your father's death at first as I know how overwhelmed with letters you would be – But now that the first pressure is over I cannot refrain from saying how I hope that you and all your family are able to bear up under the great loss you have sustained – a loss which to you all is immeasurable and to the world at large can never be replaced.

With very kind regards


from us all

Believe me yours very sincerely

Henry Fox Bristowe

P.S. The card of admission is just received

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