RECORD: Darwin, C. R. 1982. [Letter to Mrs Stutchbury, 1854]. In L. Harrison Matthews, Samuel Stutchbury and Darwin's cirripedes. Notes and Records of the Royal Society of London 36 (1981-2): 261-6.

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Samuel Stutchbury (1798-1859), naturalist and curator of the Bristol Philosophical and Literary Institution. He lent Darwin a large collection of Cirripedia for the work on Darwin's Living Cirripedia (1851). When this letter was written, Stutchbury was in Australia working for the Geological Survey. See the letter in Correspondence vol. 7, p. 492 (supplement).

[page] 262

Down Farnborough Kent

Aug. 22d 1854


I have at last finished with the valuable collection of Cirripedes, which Mr. Stutchbury so generously placed at my disposal, & I wish to return them.— I shd. be very much obliged if you would kindly inform me, as soon as you can, how I shall direct the Boxes, which are large.— I will inform you when they are sent off, & intend for safety sending them to the Gt. Western Station in my carriage.— I think that the best plan will be for me not to pay their carriage (for I could not thus pay for porterage) but request you to be so good as to inform me what the carriage comes to, & pay by GP.O. order. The Boxes (I do not yet know whether 2 or 3 will be required) will contain the drawers of a Cabinet, & loose specimens. I shall be able to add a few species to the collection. As soon as my second volume is completed a copy shall, of course, be sent to Mr. Stutchbury, to whom I shall ever feel grateful for the kindness & confidence with which he has treated me.— Madam

Your obliged & obed sert

Charles Darwin

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