RECORD: Rutherford, H. W. 1908. Catalogue of the library of Charles Darwin now in the Botany School, Cambridge. Compiled by H. W. Rutherford, of the University Library; with an Introduction by Francis Darwin. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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Most of the collection is now kept in the Cambridge University Library Rare Books Room as the the 'Darwin Library' and other works are at Down House where much of the collection was transferred after it was opened as a public museum in 1929. There were later many transfers of materials, especially items annotated by Darwin, to Cambridge University Library.

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Catalogue of the Library of Charles Darwin now in the Botany School, Cambridge

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Catalogue of the Library of Charles Darwin now in the Botany School, Cambridge

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Catalogue of the Library of Charles Darwin now in the Botany School, Cambridge

Compiled by H. W. Rutherford, of the University Library; with an Introduction by Francis Darwin.


at the University Press


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IN issuing this catalogue of the Library of Charles Darwin I wish to express to Mr Francis Darwin on behalf of the Staff of the Botany School our keen appreciation of his generosity. Rather more than a year ago Mr Darwin spoke to me of his intention to transfer the whole of his father's Library to the Botany School with the view of bequeathing it to the University. The books have been placed in a set of locked cases apart from the general departmental Library. From a purely historical point of view the Darwin Library is obviously of great interest, while the numerous notes scattered through many of the volumes add considerably to its scientific value. For the convenience of those engaged in research and as a means of adding to our knowledge of Darwin's scientific life, it seemed desirable to publish a catalogue of the books and pamphlets. The work has been done by Mr Rutherford of the University Library with thoroughness and care. Mr Francis Darwin has not only read the proofs but he willingly acceded to my request to write an Introduction supplementary to the account of his father's methods of work and treatment of books, with which readers of the

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Life and Letters are familiar. I most cordially thank him for the confidence he has shown in a former pupil by placing the Library under his charge, and on behalf of the University I venture to assure him of the high appreciation of his generosity in rendering the Darwin Library accessible to all students.

The books are always available for reference on application; it has, however, been deemed advisable to make a rule that they may not be removed from the Building.



March 7th, 1908.

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THE library of Charles Darwin has now found a permanent home in his own University, and it is perhaps appropriate that it should be in the Botany School, since it was a Cambridge professor of Botany who, more than any one man, determined his career as a naturalist.

The collection is not identical with that at Down. Thus the books he wrote and some few others from Down are in my own possession. There are also a few books of mine which, for the sake of convenience, are kept in the Darwin library: these are marked with an asterisk in the catalogue. Darwin's pamphlets are not included in the catalogue though part of them are on the shelves along side his books. The rest of the pamphlets are in the building and a manuscript catalogue of the whole is in my possession. His habit was to treat each pamphlet as a book, to number them and keep them in order on a shelf. But he was not consistent in the treatment of the publications received and many pamphlet-like volumes occur among his books.

He hardly ever had a book bound*, and the collection retains to a great degree its original ragged appearance. But some binding has necessarily been done, thus the copy of H. Muller's Befruchtung which he preserved "from complete dissolution by putting a metal clip over the back"† has now received more solid protection. The rough treatment he gave his books is described in the Life and Letters‡: an example may be seen in the sixth

* At one time he bound his pamphlets into volumes and two such volumes of Philosophical Tracts are preserved in his Library.

Life and Letters, i. 150.

‡ i. 151.

[page] viii

edition of Lyell's Elements which he found too heavy to be read with comfort, and converted into two volumes by cutting in half.

The general characteristic of the library is incompleteness, hardly any sets of periodicals being perfect. The set of the Royal Society's publications is perhaps the best in this respect, and has a certain interest as representing several generations of fellowship of the Society.

The chief interest of the Darwin books lies in the pencil notes scribbled on their pages, or written on scraps of paper and pinned to the last page. Books are also to be found marked with a cypher, as described in Life and Letters*.

Sir Joseph Hooker's essays on the Floras of Tasmania and New Zealand, which are bound together, are interesting as a memorial of the manner in which the two friends worked together. Thus near the end is a list in Hooker's handwriting of "Plants common to New Zealand and South America but not European," which is covered with pencilled notes by Darwin. This is followed by Darwin's abstract of the New Zealand essay annotated by Sir Joseph. In the middle of the volume is a list of New Zealand plants which was marked by Sir Joseph† to test Darwin's theory as to the sexes being commonly separated in trees‡.

Much of his reading was in German and a small memento of his difficulties with what he called the "verdammte" language§ occurs in a MS. translation of Rütimeyer's Die Grenzen der Thierwelt, made by the "patriotic German lady" over whom he used to triumph when she, naturally enough, hesitated in a vivâ voce translation of scientific German into English§. Darwin seems, in despair, to have given up Rütimeyer in the original, for all his notes are on the back of the translatress's manuscript.

Another book giving evidence of his manner of annotating as he read is Sprengel's Das entdeckte Geheimniss der Natur. Darwin has described║ how he got this "wonderful book" in 1841 on the advice of Robert Brown, and how it stimulated the interest he

* 151.

† What must be an uncommon book was given to Darwin by Sir Joseph—viz. the privately printed Notes on Norway by his brother William Dawson Hooker.

‡ See Origin of Species.

§ Life and Letters, i. 126.

Life and Letters, i. 90.

[page] ix

already felt in the fertilisation of flowers. Sprengel contains many interesting pencil notes by Darwin. Thus at p. 18 he wrote "seems to think fact of insects being required at all does not deserve an explanation, and how poor a one [i.e. an explanation] of Dichogamy,—for the convenience of insects!!" At p. 43 he has marked with triple pencil lines, as a sign of its importance, "Nature seems to have been unwilling that any flower should be fertilised by its own pollen." Hermann Müller* refers to this same passage in the Entdeckte Geheimniss, and points out how near Sprengel was to completely understanding the "secret of nature." Darwin had a personal feeling for the memory of Sprengel which comes out in the Autobiography† where he wrote:—"The merits of poor old Sprengel, so long overlooked, are now fully recognised many years after his death." Another book heavily annotated by Darwin is Gärtner's Bastarderzeugung, a work to which he often refers in his writings.

From a biographical point of view one of the most interesting books in the Library is a copy of Humboldt's Personal Narrative. Darwin wrote‡:—"This work...stirred up in me a burning zeal to add even the most humble contribution to the noble structure of Natural Science." He speaks of copying out from it "long passages about Teneriffe" while he read aloud to his friends, who seem to have put him off with somewhat half-hearted promises of joining him in a natural history expedition.

And this book which so deeply affected him was given to him by Henslow, the master to whom he owed so much inspiration and to whom he was indebted for his appointment as naturalist in the Beagle. The inscription in vol. i. is "J. S. Henslow to his friend C. Darwin on his departure from England upon a voyage round the world. 21 Sepr 1831."

Another record of the voyage is his copy of Werner's Nomenclature of Colours by "Patrick Syme, Flower-Painter, Edinburgh." It contains named samples of a number of different pigments, so that by matching a specimen with one of Patrick Syme's patches of colour it is possible to give a description which can be accurately interpreted. It was with this book that he described a cuttlefish at

* Fertilisation of Flowers, Eng. Trans., p. 3.

Life and Letters, i. 91.

Life and Letters, i. 55.

[page] x

St Jago as "French grey" with bright yellow spots; and as its colour changed, he speaks of "clouds varying in tint between hyacinth red and chestnut brown" passing over its body*. He recorded some observations in the volume itself: on a blank page at the beginning is written: "Beak of female ash grey, male nearly black, legs &c. exact dutch yellow."

In the course of preparing the catalogue we came across a publication by Darwin which had hitherto escaped notice. It is bound up in the second volume of Philosophical Tracts above referred to, and is entitled A letter containing remarks on the moral state of Tahiti, New Zealand, &c. by Capt. R. FitzRoy and C. Darwin Esq., of H.M.S. Beagle. It is dated "At sea, 28th June, 1836," is paged from 221 to 238, and headed "Read May 8, 1837"; where it was read and in what journal published I have not discovered. Darwin's contributions are marked D, and consist of extracts from his diary, many of which were ultimately published in the Naturalist's Voyage. Capt. FitzRoy in the character of commanding officer signs the paper. His signature is, however, followed by a paragraph signed by both authors.

"On the whole, balancing all that we have heard, and all that we ourselves have seen concerning the missionaries in the Pacific, we are very much satisfied that they thoroughly deserve the warmest support, not only of individuals, but of the British Government.

Robt. FitzRoy."

Charles Darwin."

In his Autobiography†, Darwin mentions his friendship with Dr Grant at Edinburgh University. Several of Grant's papers occur in the Philosophical Tracts, and one on the "Ciliæ" of the young of certain Mollusca has a minute point of interest, for the same unusual method of spelling "Cilia" occurs again in Darwin's Naturalist's Voyage‡. This heritage from Dr Grant would have made Dr Butler of Shrewsbury School turn in his grave.

The second volume of the Philosophical Tracts contains the "Extracts from letters addressed to Professor Henslow by C. Darwin,

* Naturalist's Voyage (p. 7).

Life and Letters, i. 38.

‡ Even in the recent editions.

[page] xi

Esq. Read at a meeting of the Cambridge Phil. Society, Nov. 16, 1835," and "printed for distribution among the Members" of the Society.

In his autobiography Darwin wrote*: "In October, 1838...I happened to read for amusement Malthus on Population†, and being well prepared to appreciate the struggle for existence which everywhere goes at once struck me that under these circumstances favourable variations would tend to be preserved, and unfavourable ones to be destroyed."

The copy in the Library is disappointing, being inscribed "C. Darwin, 1841," and therefore not the volume he read in 1838. The first volume has been read and abstracted, but the second volume has not even been cut. A passage in vol. i., which is marked, is an opinion quoted from Dr Franklin: "were the face of the earth," he says, "vacant of other plants it might be gradually sowed and overspread with one kind only, as for instance with fennel." Why Dr Franklin chooses fennel for his mundane plant is not clear.

Another book connected with the Origin of Species is Patrick Matthew's On Naval Timber and Arboriculture, 1831. Darwin first heard of this book from the Gardener's Chronicle of Ap. 7, 1860‡, where Matthew published long extracts from it. Matthew claimed quite justly that he put forward the theory of Natural Selection long before the Origin of Species was published. It is certainly surprising to find in a book dated 1831, the expression "natural process of selection among plants."

Prichard's Researches into the Physical History of Mankind is interesting from another point of view. Darwin wrote in vol. i. (1851) "How like my Book this will be." Professor Seward and I have, I think, shown in More Letters of Charles Darwin that this refers to Prichard's work on geographical distribution and variation, not to his being an evolutionist. Yet Professor Poulton, using as it happens an edition of Prichard not in the possession of Darwin, came to the conclusion that his book contained a forecast of the theory of Descent.

The Library contains a good collection of books on various breeds of poultry, pigeons and other animals. Among these may

* Life and Letters, i. 83.

† An Essay on the Principle of Population, 1826.

‡ See Life and Letters, ii. 301, 302.

[page] xii

be mentioned Eaton's Treatise on the Almond Tumbler, 1851, reprinted in both editions of his Treatise on tame, domesticated and fancy pigeons. Mr Eaton doubtless belonged to the Columbarian and Philoperistera Clubs*, of which Darwin was, I think, a member. He wrote (loc. cit. p. 281), "I have found it very important associating with fanciers and breeders....I sat one evening in a gin palace in the Borough among a set of pigeon fanciers, when it was hinted that Mr Bull had crossed his Pouters with Runts to gain size." He describes the fanciers shaking their heads over this "scandalous proceeding," and goes on to draw a moral as to the bearing of crossing on fancying. He was fond of quoting the following passage which occurs at p. vi of the introduction to the Treatise on the Almond Tumbler†:

"If it was possible for noblemen and gentlemen to know the amazing amount of solace and pleasure derived from the Almond Tumbler, when they begin to understand their [the tumbler's] properties, I should think that scarce any nobleman or gentleman would be without their aviaries of Almond Tumblers."

Huth's Marriage of Near Kin, 1875, is mentioned in Darwin's autobiography‡ as containing one of the "three intentionally falsified statements" known to him. Mr Huth (pp. 298, 302) quoted the work of a Belgian on rabbit breeding; Darwin instinctively doubted the genuineness of the account which turned out to be a fraud. Mr Huth did what he could to correct the mistake into which he had been led, by inserting a slip in the unsold copies of his book.

Ziegler's Atonicité et Zoïcité contains inaccuracies of a different kind. The author doubtless believed that he saw the extraordinary reactions with Drosera which Darwin was unable to confirm. The passage in Insectivorous Plants (p. 21) is a good instance of Darwin's respectful treatment of inexperienced observers. Another book containing statements not generally received is Otto Hahn's Die Urzelle, in which the fossil remains of plants

* Life and Letters, ii. 51.

† Quoted in Life and Letters, ii. 52.

Life and Letters, i. 106. The title is here incorrectly given as "Consanguineous Marriage."

[page] xiii

are described and figured as occurring in granite and similar improbable localities.

Andrew Smith's Illustrations of the Zoology of South Africa (1849) is connected in my mind with early recollections of my father. Looking through the coloured plates was converted into an exciting game by the supposition that the birds belonged alternately to himself and to the child who was his playfellow. I can well remember (after a series of dull thrush-like birds had been calmly shared between my father and myself) the agony of seeing a magnificent green and purple one fall to his lot. I am sure he tried to cheat himself, but this was not always possible.

In the foregoing pages I have not attempted to do more than call attention to a few points of general interest in relation to the Darwin Library. I have not the knowledge to answer the question that will naturally suggest itself,—what rare books does the collection contain? I can only say that a casual comparison of parts of the catalogue with that of the University Library shows that we have a certain number of books not in that collection.

Finally it is a pleasure to express my appreciation of Professor Seward's kindness in finding room for my books in the Botany School. It is a satisfaction to know that they will be well cared for, not only by their present guardian (and long may he remain in charge of them), but also by future occupants of the Chair of Botany in Cambridge.



March 4, 1908.

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* Books thus marked were not in the Library at Down.
[ ] Indicates a name or a title not occurring on the title page: e.g. [Philosophical Tracts], a title taken from the back of a bound volume of pamphlets.
Extr. Indicates a reprint from a journal etc.
n. d. An undated book.
Pr. pr. Privately printed.
Pseud. Means that the name given in the Catalogue is a pseudonym.


Delamer (E. S.) should have been catalogued as a pseudonym for Edmund S. Dixon.

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