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Identifier: CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.18
Date: Undated
Name: Stanbury David
Attributed title: River Expedition Document detailing Beagle's anchorage in the Santa Cruz river on 13 April 1834 for repairs and the expedition up river to seek its source in the Andes. Expedition led by Charles Darwin and Captain Robert FitzRoy taking three light boats and a crew of 18 up river to survey the course of the river and explore the hinterland. Charles Darwin and Robert FitzRoy discuss the geology of the river and its likely origin. Charles Darwin notes the existence of Condors and Guanaco. Began return journey three weeks later arriving back at the Beagle on 7 May 1834. Sailed through Straits of Magellan on 12 May 1834 stopping at Port Famine and picking up two castaways from Elizabeth Island en route. Met up with the Adventure at Port Desire where Conrad Martens recorded the first view of Mount Sarmiento. Robert Fiztroy's and Charles Darwin's cccounts of the wild scenery and the journey north up the west coast of South America to San Carlos in Chiloe and on to Valparaiso arriving 22 July 1834.
Description: Christ's College, Cambridge
Document type: Note


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