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Identifier: EH88204438
Date: 1868
Name: Darwin Charles Robert, Cameron, Julia Margaret
Description: Albumen photograph of Charles Darwin by Julia Margaret Cameron, printed facsimille annotation "I like this photograph..." B edge, embossed stamp (Colnaghi's) CB edge, annot. in ink now faded, mount discolored and foxed, in contact with glass. This is one of the series of authenticated prints marketed by Julia Margaret Cameron through Colnaghi's London gallery. A similar version is at the Royal Sociey. Charles Darwin paid £4 7s for the original sitting, done when the Darwin family was on holiday in the Isle of Wight with his brother Erasmus in July 1868, renting a villa from the Camerons. Photograph with original inscription in CD's hand in a private collection, UK.
Document type: Photo


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