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Identifier: F1407b
Date: 1950
Concise reference: Darwin, C. R. 1950. The formation of vegetable mould, through the action of worms, with observations on their habits [in Japanese]. Translated by Senji Tanida & Masaharu Oshima. Tokyo: Kaizō-sha. (collected works ll)
Detailed reference: 1407b. Japanese, 1950 Tokyo, Kaizosha, Works vol. 16. Translated by Senji Tanida. This is the same translation as F1407a, but does not mention Masaharu Oshima as joint translator. 查爾斯・駝韻 (チャールス・ダーウィン). 1950. みゝずと土. 谷田専治訳. 東京: 改造社. (全集 2:16)


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