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Identifier: F9
Date: 1838--1843
Concise reference: Darwin, C. R. ed. [1838] 1839-1843. The zoology of the voyage of HMS Beagle, under the command of Captain FitzRoy RN, during the years 1832 to 1836. Edited and superintended by Charles Darwin. London: Smith Elder and Co.
Detailed reference: 9. [1838] 1839-1843 London, Smith Elder and Co. [Parts and volumes issues.] Title as F8, but omitting '[Temporary title]'. 4to, 327 mm in parts, c. 322 mm in volumes, 5 parts, [xlvii + 585 pp.], 82 coloured + 84 (3 folding) plain plates. Bindings: a. parts in card wrappers as F8; b. grey-green cloth in 5 volumes; c. half russia in 5 volumes; d. ?cloth in 3 volumes; e. half russia in 3 volumes. Price: £8. 15s. in parts, 'or in half russia or cloth, at a small addition to the price', £9. 2s. in cloth. C.L.LNH; 1316(19) part.


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