RECORD: Anon. 1881. The scientific education of woman [with a donation by Darwin for a Cambridge laboratory for women]. The Times (27 January): 4.

REVISION HISTORY: Transcribed by John van Wyhe 4.2007. RN1

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SCIENTIFIC EDUCATION OF WOMEN.—Miss FLorence Eves,1 science student of Newnham College, writes to us from Miton-house, Uxbridge, under date Jan. 22:—"It has occurred to me that many lovers of science, and others interested in the higher education of women (whom I cannot otherwise address), will be glad to assist the efforts now being made by the science students of Girton and Newnham Colleges to raise about £800 needed for a physical and biological laboratory for women in Cambridge. The present provision for practical work is very inadequate and the number of students has largely increased, while the colleges are at present unable to afford the sum required." Our correspondent mentions that she has already received donations amounting to about £30 (including five guineas from Mr. Charles Darwin), and will most gratefully acknowledge any further help.

1 Florence Eves (d. 1911), was the first woman to obtain a degree in physiology and was holder of a Bathurst studentship in 1881-1882. See Richmond 1997.

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