RECORD: 1827. 'Admissions to Christ College'. CC-T.1.2. Transcribed by John van Wyhe and Kees Rookmaaker. Edited by John van Wyhe (Darwin Online,

REVISION HISTORY: Scanned (with Geoffrey Thorndike Martin) and transcribed by John van Wyhe and Kees Rookmaaker 8.2006. RN5

NOTE: This admissions book records Darwin's admission, not his residence in College, which began in Lent Term (January) 1828.

Reproduced with permission of the Master and Fellows of Christ's College, Cambridge.

See an introduction to the admissions books by John van Wyhe.


Catalogus Studiosorum qui admissi sunt in Collegium Christi a Festo Divi Michaelis 1827 ad Festum eiusdem 1828.- Joannes Croft Praelector.

[The third entry down:]

Octobris 15. Carolus Darwin,

admissus est Pensionarius Minor sub Mro Shaw.1

1 Mro = Magister (meaning M.A.) Joseph Shaw was Darwin's tutor until 1829 when he was succeeded by John Graham. See Steel 1949, pp. 40-1 and Piele 1913. Darwin was admitted a 'pensioner', one of three ranks of students: fellow commoners (younger sons of noblemen or very wealthy individuals), pensioners (coming from the French for boarder) and sizars. A pensioner being a commoner who was able to pay all of his own fees and expenses without a scholarship.

English translation:

List of students who are admitted to Christ College from the Feast of Saint Michael [29 September] 1827 to the same Feast in 1828. –

October 15. Charles Darwin admitted as Minor Pensioner under Master Shaw.

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