RECORD: Darwin, C. R. Geological diary: [list of geological specimens collected numbered 230-295] CUL-DAR35.227-229 Transcribed by Kees Rookmaaker, edited by John van Wyhe (Darwin Online,

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Reproduced with the permission of the Syndics of Cambridge University Library and William Huxley Darwin.

See the introduction to the Geological Diary by Gordon Chancellor.


R 281 do as (280). Breccia structure not visible. Feldspar more rather crystallized

S 282 Dark Black purple do: do: crystals small & not numerous } little brittle

T 283 White do do do do

V 284 Red compact perfect (claystone) Porph. crystals small

W 285 Coarse, pale purple Porph. Breccia struct. tolerably clear

X 286 Greenstone = porph: (partial of Choras) Breccia big part of entire imperceptible? disappearing

Z ? 287 Feldspar (pale color) passing into greenstone porph with feldspar, compact

Before St Jago

1 288 Coarse pale purple porph with grain of quartz & large crystals of feldspar, very clearly breccia (& some bits little rounded

2 289 Compact conch do Porph Breccia fragment intimately joined & blended together (closely allied to the Porph:)

3 290 do, but clearly porphyritic; not so clearly brecciated: (compare the chloritic greasy fragments in both specimens)

4 291 Pink claystone porph. with quartz & feldspar

5 292 Strange rock common base with plates (cruciform similar) of reddish feldspar & both of green mineral

6 293 Blackish all irregular 2d cleavage altered clay-slate? (least crystalline rock

7 294 Compact pale colored feldspathic rock like base of (2283)

8 295 Fine grained (grey) greenstone (slightly granitic structure?)

Locality of (Z)??

Dykes like [illeg]
Age [illeg]
mass not from beneath


23 256 same as (248) more compact other minerals

23 257 Jaquil, near gold mine. Granitic quartz feldspar & green mineral

23 258 Lower down mountain: do — more of latter ingredient

do 259 passing into Eurite?

260 Copper P. Lime. Plumbago from Duvarno mine, rich in gold

24 261 Black stellated mineral in talcaceous matter from the Broceo vein. Bay

24 262 The regular good gold ore from Bagos as proved brought from mine

A X 263 Compact ∠r semi-conch cleavage, dark skate colored feldspathic rock

A 263 264 Large opake irregular crystals of feldspar in soft red base: with pretty [illeg] traces of breccia

B 265 Red, softish aluminous base of the porphyry all following clay-stone. irregular ∠r cleavage

C 266 Greenstone, porph with crystals of feldspar very few avicular ones & amyg with quartz?

D 267 Pale slate carious semi-feldspathic rock, with cleavage (altered rock)

E 268 Yellowish do, much more crystalline & porph with yellowish feldspar

F 269 Very pale purple very imperfect porph — freckled with green stony mineral & very obscurely brecciated

G 270 Pale purple compact porph with imperfect crystall white feldspar

H 271 White stony feldsp rock with patches of earthy feldspar & green mineral [illeg]

J 272 Coarsely highly crystallized greenstone

J 273 do do

K 274 do (hornblende?) with layer of green mineral (prelinite?) &c

L 275 Bronzite? &c in greenstone base

M 276 Slate-colored feldspathic rock (semi-crys) conch fracture, allied to (2367 & 68)

N 277 White siliceous feldspar rock

O 278 same as (276)

P 279 Greenstone

Q 280 Pale purple compact very imperfect, with lines of white feldspar & prelinite breccia pretty plain for (N.B. never in small specimens)


X z

234. snuff colored &c &c

235 Compact conch &c

237 White feld &c &c

upper surface irregular compact, near B. Blanca in same manner upper more compact contains in both cases minute particles

229 verso


1 2230 Compact dark colored greenstone, much Irons (I do not understand nature)

2 231 Quartzy crystall. do with do do

3 232 Black very compact conch fract limestone

4 233 Greenstone (almost pure crystall feldspar) porph with feldspar, compact conch fracture

5 235 234 Compact concg for purplish claystone porphyry; breccia just visible?


6 234 235 Snuff colored greenstone fine grained, much iron (do not understand)

7 7 236 (white feldspathic slightly porph. mass V): white friable calcareo-[illeg]

8 237 Greenstone bright prpph with feldspar white &c V

238 do coarser greenstone highly porph with feldspar

239 do coarser

Tosca 240 V X Podaguel: cream-colored part earthy: upper surface compact like slate

241 Horn silver Coquimbo Mr Caldcleugh

242 Shells worked for lime. Quinton

10 243 Blackish porph rock very slight porph bbreccia [illeg]

11 244 Blackish green fine-grained greenstone

12 245 Conglomnerate mature stellated carb of lime

14 246 Compact dark purple hard porph aboundingwith large crystal

15 247 allied 292 feldspar in small plates: much agate in irregular parts

16 248 Very cellular with lengthened crystals of feldspar

17 249 Pitchstone porphyry

18 250 Compact heavy fine grained slate colored greenstone with crystals (some [illeg]

19 251 cellular crystalline rock (do not understand)

20 252 Pale feldspathic stony? porph with various crystals

21 253 allied to 247 & 292

22 254 with carb of lime

22 255 Highly cellular Trachytic rock same as 248

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